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Welder training with Miganglia

Welder training with Miganglia

Whether you’re new to welding or adding to existing skill-sets Miganglia can offer training capabilities. This can be on your existing plant or for instance, if new a process plant has been added or updated. 







Who should attend? & Prerequisites

/ Existing and new welders, apprentices

/ Welders needing to update skills (new plant/new processes)

/ Usually some welding experience in industry




Who should attend? & Prerequisites


We can conduct training at our premises here in Norfolk or at your facility, please ask.

Outline of training

You will learn the fundamentals of the specific welding process enrolled on, with the use of excellent visual aids and in most cases documented handouts to retain.   

Welding courses have been structured in a progressive, logical manner which aids the learner in retaining the knowledge whilst keeping interest high.




 Outline of training
Content of training

Content of training

/ Introduction to the specific welding processes i.e. MIG,TIG, Plasma, MMA,CMT and Virtual Welder.

/ Welding process basics

/ Preparation and weld set-up

/ Dynamics, physics and control of the arc

/ Ignition of the arc

/ Mechanical arc length

/ Process adjustments

/ Polarities of the welding circuit and affects

/ Software and mechanics

/ Shielding gases

/ Advantages/disadvantages

/ Process variables - Summary   

Costs and further details please contact us at Miganglia

Costs and further details please contact us at Miganglia

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