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MIG Welding Machines

Metal Inert Gas welding and Metal Active Gas welding are the most common and widely used welding processes around the world today; this is due to the versatile nature of both MIG and MAG processes which can be used for a vast range of metals. We offer a range of high quality single and three-phase welding machines.

MIG welding the past few years has seen a real quantum leap in welding technology. Fundamental improvements have been made to power sources and welding processes with completely new standards being reached in some areas; this innovative advance has been triggered on the one hand by new materials and applications, and on the other by the increased use of microelectronics and digital technology.

Within this section is a selection of our most popular systems and packages but we would like to point out that not all systems are listed or priced. Most of the machines we supply are configurable and have many options available and as such there isn't a 'standard' price. Many companies offer 'packages' of a certain specification - i.e. lead types and lengths, type of cooling and process capability are all set; we prefer to discuss these options with you in order to put together exactly what you need (as opposed to what you get supplied with) which, without realisation, can be two very different things!

In order to make sure you optimise your invesment please do give us a call on 01263 569525 so we can give you all the details on all the possibilities.


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