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Fronius TransSteel 3500 Compact
Fronius TransSteel 3500 Compact video
Fronius TransSteel 3500 Compact, Gas Cooled MIG Welder
SKU: 4,075,165

The Compact version of the TransSteel 3500 comes fitted out with all the details that make life easier for structural steel fabricators.

Package includes - 
TransSteel 3500c 4R/FSC
Feeder roll U 0.9-1.0 (4 of)
Carriage PickUp 5000 
MTG 320i /FSC/3.5m/45o
Wear part kit MTG 320i Ø1.0
BK Fe Ø1.0 /G/W/5m
Ground Cable 50mm4m 400a 60%
Calibration document 



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  • Description

    The Compact version of the TransSteel 3500 comes fitted out with all the details that make life easier for structural steel fabricators. Tough, sturdy tools are essential here. The TransSteel 3500 Compact is definitely just that: a rugged and reliable partner that stands out for its intelligent appliance design and for being extremely easy to operate. Digitally controlled and primed with expert knowledge, the TransSteel 3500c welding system is ready, willing and able to deliver superlative steel welding, and guarantees 100 % system performance!


    Completely digitissed, microprocessor-controlled inverter power source
    The power source is coupled with a digital signal processor. The central control and regulation unit and signal processor control the entire welding process

    Equipment features


    • Synergic operation for optimum welding parameters. Simply select material and sheet thickness and the stored know-how controls the welding process automatically 
    • Welding torch connection (for connecting the welding torch)
    • LocalNet connection (Standardised connection for remote control)
    • Mains switch for switching the power source on and off
    • Mains cable with strain relief device
    • Air filter
    • Shielding gas connection
    • Wirespool holder with brake
    • 4-roller drive
    • Generator-compatible for mobile use, including construction sites
    • 2-step mode
    • 4-step mode
    • HotStart (Makes ignition of cellulose and rutile electrodes easier)
    • Anti-stick function
    • Setup menu (provides simple access to expert knowledge in the power source and to additional functions)
    • FSC, Fronius System Connector
    • Safety symbols: S, CE, CSA
    • Cooling unit
    • Trolley and gas cylinder holder
    • EN 1090 certificate of conformity package
    • Easy Job
    • Overtemperature protection
    • Expansion using modules e.g. wirefeeder, welding torch, cooling unit. Perfectly matched in every detail


    • VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) is an optional safety device for reducing the voltage


    • MIG/MAG
    • MMA welding
    • steel welding

    Base materials

    • steel

    Application area/sector

    • Machine and equipment construction
    • Steelwork
    • Plant and container construction
    • Metal and gantry construction
    • Rail vehicle construction


  • Technical Specification
    Mains voltage +/- 10 380 V / 400 V / 460 V
    Welding amperage range 10 - 350 A
    Welding amperage range at 350 A 40 % d.c.
    300 A 60 % d.c.
    50 A 100 % d.c.
    Open-circuit voltage 47 - 59 V
    Working voltage 14.5 - 38.6 V
    Degree of protection IP 23
    Dimensions L x W x H 747 x 300 x 497 mm (29.4 x 118 x 19.6 in)
    Weight 36 kg / 79.4 lbs
    Efficiency at 250 A 90 %
    Wirefeed speed 1- 25 m/min (3.3 - 82 ft/min)
  • Documents
    PDF 2 Brochure PDF 3 Technical Specification
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