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Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v
Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v
Fronius Artis 210 XT TIG Welder set 110v/230v
SKU: FRO4.075.272

Set includes:

THP 180 G SH ML/F/UD/Le/4m
TTB 160A G ML/70°/L65 
GroundCable 16mm² 3m 200A 60% Plug 35mm² earth clamp,
OPT Gas hose 3/8''R 2m

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  • Description

    Ease of use, wide range of settings - Not just packed with technology, the Artis also has a user-friendly operating concept incorporating a simple press-and-turn button and a clear, illuminated function display. Eleven parameters can be selected directly and without a background menu.

    Robust, lightweight, and functional - The function carrier is the central element in the structural design of the welding machine, keeping all components in place. Like the housing, it is made of durable plastic and tested for mechanical stresses that far exceed the standard. This guarantees the highest level of robustness possible while keeping the weight to a minimum

    40% duty cycle at maximum output power - Weld for four minutes without a break at 170 or 210 amperes, depending on the model.

    30% mains voltage tolerance at maximum output power -This is an enormous advantage, especially in poorly protected grids. The inverter technology perfectly compensates for voltage fluctuations or input voltage that is too low, so that the maximum output power is always supplied.

    96–265 V mains voltage supply - The high bandwidth of the power supply makes the Artis 170/210 compatible with almost any grid worldwide

    Gas pre-flow time/gas post-flow automatic and manual -The welding machine that thinks with you. Artis automatically calculates the duration of the optimal gas post-flow time according to the set welding current. This improves the gas shield of the end of the weld and tungsten electrode.

    Trigger Mode OFF: automatic shutdown -Once the welding process is complete, the welding current switches off automatically after a specific change in the arc length.

    TAC function for time savings of up to 50% when tacking materials - The weld pool is made to oscillate by means of pulse currents. This makes it easier to tack components together and reduces tacking time, leaving hardly any or no temper colors on the tacking points.

    PTD—pulse/TAC display function curve -This allows you to add two additional welding parameters, “pulse” and “TAC”, to the function curve on the control panel.

    TIG Pulse function: Welding even with thin sheet thicknesses -Pulse welding is primarily used for out-of-position welding or when welding especially thin materials. The pulse setting range is 1 Hz to 990 Hz.

    Touch high frequency ignition - If, for example, the restricted component accessibility necessitates the use of welding torches without a torch trigger, Touch HF ignition is required. The machine detects contact with the workpiece and

    —after a defined period of time has elapsed
    —ignites the arc exactly at the desired point.

    TIG welding torch with different operating options - We offer TIG welding torches with standard, Up/Down function, long trigger, or potentiometer, depending on your requirements.

    Spot and stitch welding: recurring welded joints -The spot welding mode allows you to apply welding spots at even intervals. With the freely adjustable stitch pause time, you can also continue this as stitch welding.

    *XT formerly MV (multivoltage) 

  • Technical Specification
    Mains voltage U1 1 x 120 V 1 x 230 V
    Mains voltage tolerance -20%/+15% -30%/+15%
    Cos phi 0.99
    40% D.C. 140 A 170 A
    60% D.C. 120 A 155 A
    100% D.C. 100 A 140 A
    Protection class IP 23
    Dimensions l × w × h 435 x 160 x 310 mm
    Weight 9.9 kg (21.8 lb)
    Mark of conformity CE/CSA
  • Documents
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