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Bohler UTP A DUR 600
Bohler UTP A DUR 600
Copper coated MIG Wire and TIG Rods for hardfacing
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  • Description

    Copper coated MIG Wire

    The UTP 600 range of consumables are Chromium alloyed offering weld metal that is
    resistant to friction and low stress abrasive wear with moderate impact.
    Universally applicable for cladding on parts of steel, cast steel and high Mn-steel, subject
    simultaneously to impact, abrasion and compression.

    Fields of Use: Typical application fields are the earth moving and stone treatment industry,
    e.g. excavator teeth, gravel pumps, conveyor chains, sliding metal parts, bucket knives,
    crusher jaws and cones, mill hammers etc., but also for cutting edges on cold cutting tools.

    Hardness of the pure weld deposit is 56–60 HRC

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