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Tyrolit Family Pack
Tyrolit Family Pack Box Image video
Tyrolit Family Pack - Flap Discs - FREE Bluetooth Headphones
SKU: TFP-FlapDisc

Longlife C-trim and Cerabond C-trim

FREE Bluetooth headphones included in every pack

Superb Value 60 piece pack
Available in 60 grit  

50 C-Trim 
115 x 22.23 

10 Cerabond C-Trim 
115 x 22.23

£106.80 INC. VAT
£89.00 EXC. VAT

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  • Description

    The LONGLIFE C-TRIM can be used on high alloyed steels and stainless steel, as well as on unalloyed and low alloyed steels. Problem-free weld-seam as well as edge and surface grinding, particularly when used on powerful angle grinders. Thanks to its compact design, a long life is guaranteed during deburring of sharp edges on thin sheets.

    Trimming flap discs

    When grinding with flap discs the optimum angle between the wheel and the workpiece is 15-25°. This means that the abrasive wear off more at the edge than near the bore. That’s why very often 50% of the disc cannot be used properly.

    By trimming your product you can reduce the backing diameter, thus achieving 100% use of the disc. Importantly, the backing must be suitable for this kind of application. Please note that you can trim the backing only as far as the end of the depression.

    Two possibilities

    - During the processing of fillet welds, you can grind and trim at the same time. During contact with the workpiece, the backing will be trimmed automatically.

    - When processing surfaces or edges, you also have the option to trim the backing using the edge of the workpiece. Simply make contact with the edge of the workpiece while the disc is running and trim the backing.

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