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PMC – Pulse Multi Control

Adds dedicated short circuits to increase travel speed, penetration and arc stability.

Consistent penetration can be set and adjusted via the ‘Penetration Stabilisation’ parameter which leads to a constant current behavior. Benefits are in tight or hard to reach areas the wire ’stickout’ may change when the contact tube (shroud) is moved further away (or towards) the welding job, this would lead to current change for the given parameter.

Therefore, because the software (Fronius Speed Net 100mb/sec) is constantly monitoring the arc state when a distance change occurs (moving torch away or closer) while welding whether manual or via automation the dynamics of the ‘wire feed speed’ are instantly adjusted to keep the arc length constant regardless. This in turn maintains high arc stability for constant high welding performance.

Within PMC an additional parameter correction ’Pulse Correction’ can be utilised. While in the pulse welding phase the energy of the pulse droplet can be regulated (-10 +10), this will have a direct influence on the droplet ’pinch affect’ and frequency Hz of pulses.

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